Warning, Danger Ahead

“Oh, you may get a few little cuts and scrapes — that’s inevitable. But don’t hurt yourself just because you didn’t pay attention to what you were doing.” 
— from Introduction to “Fifty Dangerous Things”

Gever’s words are at …

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Okay, I couldn’t resist sharing this

My old work colleage Eddie Hernandez blogs about a very tinkering-oriented way to clean a children’s toy castle repurposed as a hamster habitat.

Added on edit: Eddie pointed me to this earlier entry wherein his young engineers build an

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My last guest blog for this shift… and tinkering on TV

I’ve come to the end of my guest week. I’ll be handing the keyboard to Mary Beth Trautwein starting tomorrow, as the Seniors start at Tinkering School.

I’ve had fun doing this, and I hope you have enjoyed …

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Friday: gateway to tinkering with stuff

It’s Friday! And it was payday at Nameless Employer, which means a small group of us go for Thai food at lunch.

Which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what I did when I got home after work.

Despite …

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Checking the Tweets…

And now a few tweets from our fearless leader:

My little pal Bor and his dad were fooling around with a battery-powered flashlight and created this: http://flic.kr/p/8nCDjF #fun

Five years in a scanner-mounted ant-colony – life=art: http://bit.ly/apA0Aa #clever

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The Summer of Danger(ous) Things, continued

My predecessor as guest blogger, Deb Nies, has published Part IX of her and her tween’s exploration of Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) on Examiner.com.

Go, read about using a knife and then throwing a …

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Sometimes, you just need to go down to the shop.

The life of a working engineer seems to have an awful lot of desk time involved. Which can be entertaining when you’re actively designing stuff — a reasonably powerful computer and modern CAD software is a great tool for …

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Keeping the sense of wonder… and why that’s good.

We’re going to start off this one with a great piece of video: Adam Savage’s TED talk about making his own dodo bird skeleton out of Sculpey and his obsession with making a dead-nuts-accurate copy of The Maltese Falcon

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On the nature of feedback

Everyone wants to get a little attaboy/attagirl for their efforts every now and then. Some little acknowledgement from the boss/parent/spouse/kid that “hey, what you did there was pretty cool”.

But what if what you do, while certainly important, isn’t …

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Hey, it’s Guest Blogger #2!

Mellow greetings, fellow travelers.

Okay, so I’m not really a terribly mellow person. I’m Jim Crider, mechanical engineer, car guy, and genetically-engineered tinkerer. Some may know my nom de net AutoJim from various and sundry places, but I’m …

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