Johnsen Clan Breaks Glass – Slowly!

Sydney and Wyatt learn just how powerful (and unpredictable) the growth of ice is:

Ice is powerful enough to crack enormous granite boulders, uproot trees, and explode water pipes – yet it can’t remove the plastic cap from a …

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Some Thoughts on #28 – Climb a Tree

Lately, I’ve come across a lot of discussions regarding kids climbing trees and whether or not parents should let them do it. People seem to fall into one of two camps when it comes to tree-climbing: Go For It, …

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The Johnsen Clan Throws Things From Moving Vehicles

Topic #10, Throw Things From a Moving Car, is a difficult one for many parents. “Why should I encourage my child to throw something out the window when I’m driving?” they ask, often adding, “What if they hit someone?”…

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Madison Mom and Tween Doing Dangerous Things

Our favorite Madison Mom/Writer, Deborah Nies, and her daughter are working their way through the book – they’ve already knocked off seven topics!

Deb had this to say in her original article about the book:

Like many parents,

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Incremental Improvement on

We thought we’d have this puppy coded up and deployed back in January, but life got a little bit crazy in the intervening months…

This is really just the beginning of the new Fifty Dangerous Things, but I know …

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