Liz Smith's Story


Fire is an awesome thing, it creates and destroys and often simultaneously. My sons Josh and Hooper can often be found hovering around our backyard fire pit testing the power of the flame. Water is a necessity, as is basic safety(no bare feet, long pants, awareness) and we have learned some powerful lessons. Fireplay from a fairly early age-s\'mores were just the beginning- has allowed my sons to be aware, be careful and be adventurous. My eldest, now fifteen, is a certified blacksmith and has constructed a simple traditional forge with his dad in our urban backyard. The nine year old has created primitive pigments and used the blackened ends of sticks to draw and decorate the patio(rain washes it away) and on occasion himself. We have cooked entire primitive meals over this fire pit, and watching the boys experiment with both the heat and the aftermath of fire has been a powerful parenting tool. We have burnt fingers, made holes in pants, and seen what happens when we heat a variety of materials. Being able to be safe and independently explore fire is a necessary skill, it confirms knowledge is safety, and it allows them to hold the power to create objects and light the night skies.