Rick's Story


During grammar school, like 6/7th grade, a friend and I used to dumpster dive at the local high school during summer break to see what kind of cool things we could find. A few time we found the old fluorescent bulbs intact in the dumpsters. At first we started taking them out and throwing them at the wall and floor. What was cool is they broke on impact and essentially turned to dust. Being fans of Star Wars and swordplay in general, we started recreating the best fight scenes that we could remember with these things. You could essentially get 2 hits out of each tube, the first would break it in half and that piece would fall and shatter. The second hit would reduce it to the metal hilt(where it screws into the light fixture). My best memory of this is jumping off the dumpster and in one case the top of a bus swinging downward and the person on the ground blocking it. The sound of breaking glass and the little cloud of dust that formed was the coolest thing we have seen thus far in the beginning of our spiral downwards into delinquency.