Lick a 9-Volt Battery

Taste electricity
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The Risky Kids 03/01/2014

This was the first Dangerous Thing we tried. My daughter was really excited to try it, but my son was wary. Everyone should try this at least once, just for the pure pleasure if seeing the expression

Dave The Battery Licker 12/10/2013

I licked one. It didn't really hurt or anything. Maybe the battery was low.

Jesus 08/27/2013

I think it tastes good, like the burn from carbonation

Chris 08/01/2013

I'm in the audio visual field and one day I had over a hundred 9v. batteries I needed to test. I licked each one before I put it on the voltmeter and about half way through I found I could usually gu

Leah 07/24/2013

I'm a kid from the 80s so I did this all the time... made my tongue tingle and left a metallic taste in my mouth =P

Deven M. 05/16/2013

We used to have contests to see who could do this the longest, one time I lasted so long my tongue started to smoke. Everything tasted metallic for a few days.

lasarena 05/03/2013

it burned the tip of my tongue, quite painful ;p

Christopher Keen 03/14/2013

Did it in science class

Big Joe 02/01/2013

It tastes like... electricity, not sure how else to describe it. It can make your tongue twitch and leave burn marks if you hold the battery on your tongue for a long time.

Kurt 10/05/2012

Me and a friend both tried this and although it's not too pleasant it's not painful. It seems safe to try and it's a great thing to dare people to do! It's almost like taking the spark unit out of an

Louise 08/21/2012

My friend told me to do it, I did it... tastes funny :)

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

I did this with my brothers and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. You just keep your mind off of it and you won't even notice, but then theres that little shock that makes you jump a

Leyvas boys 06/22/2012

It felt like the battery was sucking my tongue

Tre Dodge 06/20/2012

mmmmmmmmmm.... electricity

JD 03/04/2012

Not much to tell, got a little buzz, nothing mind altering.

Savannah 02/15/2012

I licked a nine volt battery. It tasted funny. It buzzed my tongue.

hi! 01/25/2012

i think it hurts a little but i tasted weird too

max 12/31/2011

it shocks you a little and it lasts long

emma 12/14/2011

it was fun

Harley 11/27/2011

I did this till I was six. It tasted like burned haddock.

Ivan 11/18/2011

I did this. All you feel is a bad taste, and that's it.

Janet Costello 09/29/2011

We are doing them all! http://iblog4boys.blogspot.com/2011/06/01-lick-9-volt-battery.html

Dayna 08/28/2011

It tasted salty, burny ,and totally delicious! (just joking)

Claude 07/09/2011

Did it all the time as a kid. It kinda gives a funny taste, but no zap.

Karen 07/08/2011

I licked a 9-volt battery to test that it was still working - I heard that you could do it to check it, and sure enough, my tongue tingled, and it tasted funny.. no big deal. And the battery worked :)

Gabriel Reasoner 07/06/2011

I love to read. I read everyday. When this book came in the mail I begged Mom to let me do something Dangerous every day of summer. She said some we can’t do, but some I can do and put up on youtube

Daniel 05/12/2011

When I licked a 9-volt battery it tingled a lot and tasted funny. Then my dad burned steel wool. It made little sparks and glowed orange once. I tried it too. Then my dad burned it with a propane to

Chris 05/11/2011

Licked them a couple times, on dares...also put steal wool on them, it causes a fire.

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