Stick Your Hand out the Window

Feel the air like a bird does
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Deven M. 05/16/2013

I was doing this as a child and my mom tried to run my hand into things to teach me not to, she missed every time. And I still do it now.

Kurt 10/05/2012

I've stuck my HEAD out the window many a time before!

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

Who hasn't done this?! I do it pretty much everytime I'm in the car! :D

JD 03/04/2012

Who *hasn't* done this? I grew up with my arm out the window. What would be the point of calling "Shotgun!" otherwise.

Boo 06/25/2011

After mummys' class one day she took the children and I in her van and I sat in the front seat for the first time and stuck my hand out the window. We didn't get a ticket and I didn't break my arm.

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