Put Strange Stuff in the Microwave

Experiment with electromagnetic radiation in the kitchen
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Progress Reports

Greg 10/20/2013

Got a large bowl of chilled water, placed a 60W bulb in it. Placed the bowl in my 1000W microwave and put it on 10 seconds on high the bulb lit nicely without destroying the microwave. Opened the door

logan 05/04/2013

i just put a Cd in the microwave and i was staring and i saw a small spark and it made me jump

corando gallegos 07/23/2012

Let me see, my daughter and I have done the following: 1. CD: sparks but makes poisonous gasses 2. Ivory soap: blows up like a ballon 3. a Grape cut in half but attached by a thin piece of skin and

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

Surprisingly the micrwave didn't break, but it mad ethis god awful noise.

Janice 06/25/2011

When we were kids and the microwave came out my parents bought one. I guess one day my brother and sister and I decided to put a whole pund of butter, foil and all in the new microwave. It sparked, it

itsadoozy 05/08/2011

We ahd lots of Easter Peeps laying around aso we nuked them...with fun resuls....Very big puffy Peeps!!!

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