Climb a Tree

Take advantage of your opposable thumbs
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The Risky Kids 03/01/2014

I loved the way this task was written in the book, because it didn't just tell you to go climb a tree. It gave you valuable information about what to look for in a good climbing tree and how to climb

mia kolek 02/28/2014

I grew up in the village, where we have house with a huge garden. When i was little we have also many trees, one of them was my favourite, me and my sisters spent a long time on it, never felt, never

Pablo Jenkinson 11/18/2013

I was climbing up a tree with only a few branches. I would say that the tree was about 10 feet tall. I managed to make it up about half way to the top when a thin branch broke and I slipped. (I should

greg 11/13/2013

I fallen down a tree and broke my arm

rožica 03/26/2013

When I was younger - child and my brothers and sister and other friends too, we clibmed on a tree and maked swing from ropes. on one small walnut tree were about three or four children at once. we

Lies Simons 02/28/2013

When i was young we had a tree house, but the ladder broke off. My brothers and I love so much to climb the tree, that the ladder never got restored. Now my husband and I, while looking for a house

Merrylee 07/09/2012

I had the perfect climing tree in my backyard growing up. I'd climb up and sit on my favorite branch all the time

Matus 03/28/2012

I climbed a tree last summer barefoot, bear style, hugging it. It was pretty amazing. I loved it. I will look make sure to go to the same event this year and help hanging the posters on the trees and

Spencer 03/24/2012

At my neighbor's house, everybody was climbing trees. Even though I'm horrible, I gave it a try. I was barefoot and as I grabbed a branch, the bark dug into my foot.

kate 03/06/2012

I climbed the trees all my childhood. And I believe with a time it made me a perfect snowboarder and surfer)))

Audra Marotta 12/09/2011

I grew up in rural north central Illinois with roughly 8 acres of wooded forest at the back of our property. I'd spend my summers outside, sunup til sundown, playing in these woods completely unsuperv

Josephine 11/03/2011

My family and I went on a hiking trip. We climbed a tree!

Lauren Whisk 10/07/2011

when i was about 9.i went to my friends house and we played hide and seek while her mum was cooking dinner.Me and one of my friends decided to climb a tree and hide up there. Our other friends were lo

William 09/26/2011

Just recently i was playing frisbee of of a tree and getting down i had to slide down a steep branch when i got to a straighter branch i hit a stump sticking out of the tree and i slid off and landed

Claire 09/16/2011

Katie and I climbed trees many years. We always wanted to climb the higher than the other. it was something I will always look back that will make me smile. terrific memories.

tyler 07/16/2011

i nver get hur climbing trees

Brenda 07/06/2011

As the mom of 5 boys, and a former tomboy myself, I am surprised and amazed that we have to have experts tell us how to let our children experience the world. I am also an early childhood educator and

Jess Flint 06/26/2011

I climbed trees all the time as a kid! Nearly every day. The only falling I ever did was falling asleep on a big branch....well i guess that's more dangerous....

Carme 06/26/2011

Between my 6 and 9 I passed most of my summers up in the trees and I never fell. I used to swing in some branches too, like a little monkey-girl. Never my grandparents told me I could fall or not to d

Rachel 06/20/2011

My 5-year-old son is a natural climber. Recently, the kids were playing hide-and-go seek in the backyard. After searching under every chair and table...I finally looked up. There he was, probably abou

Bruce 05/24/2011

When I was about 9 years old a kid I just met and I climbed a tree in his grandmother's back yard. It was some kind of really old fruit tree with a big trunk that branched into three about 6 feet off

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