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Robert 02/26/2014

Our family owned a cottage where my parents let me cut trees down using an axe and cut them into pieces for firewood with hand saws. Cut myself once on my hand (hut a lot!), but I learned from it. Re

David Thornburg 05/28/2012

In high school we were taught about Gay-Lussac's law relating temperature to gas pressure in a closed container. To check this out, a friend and I held a carbon dioxide cylinder (the kind used to mak

Oleg 05/21/2012

I have been trying to tempt my kids off computer games and thought what can be more attractive then some dangerous explosions and fire rockets. Using some cheap vodka and Nitrogen Oxide from cream w

Jami 01/10/2012

As a kid whenever my mom burned pillar candles my brothers (I have three, all older, I'm the only girl) and I would run our fingers quickly through the flames. The faster you did it the less of a chan

coryg 11/16/2011

Axe tossing! I'd take my kids & their friends camping for a few days with their promise that they'd have fun & not follow any boundaries or rules!! What a great time & each year we'd look forward to t

j and e\'s mom 08/09/2011

we dug a very deep hole (~ 4") in the backyard, filled it with water, stripped down to our undies and played chest deep in a mud pit for two hours!

Michael Love 07/25/2011

I have sneaked into a bunch of places. Concert, pools, buildings, etc...

Annonymous 07/14/2011

Pet a hedgehog. Unlike porcupines, a hedgehog's quills are not barbed, nor are they meant to stick into an attacker and be pulled off the animal. They also tend to lay their quills flat if they're com

Tim 07/10/2011

I picked my nose in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whalepoo 06/24/2011

Dig a Hole.

Kathy Mulholland 06/23/2011

I dared to not like people. By that, I mean as a child I observed how certain other children acted, and decided I did not want to be behave like them. For example, on the television program _Lit

Heather\'s big sister 06/23/2011

Never put a cat on your head! (My little sister did this - even after repeatedly being told not to). "Bootsy not only went to the bathroom on my sister's head, but it was diarhea. To make matters wo

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