Beyond the Book – #50.1 Backyard Pond

Over at Granola in a Different Bowl, they’re inventing new topics – and we wholeheartedly approve! Kev and his crew have built an amazing pond in their backyard. Walking the plank across the pond has become a family habit and we’re not above pointing out that it’s suspiciously similar to topic #38 Learn Tightrope Walking, we just never expected anyone to build a pond just so they could check that one off.

In considering the possible dangers and benefits of building a pond, Kev has this to say:

I think building a pond constitutes as a dangerous activity because there is a risk of drowning. There is also risk of getting a hernia and/or throwing out your back while moving rocks. I’m almost surprised this did not happen to me with the size of some of those rocks. Oh, and fingers can and almost certainly will get pinched between other rocks. Ouch! So, back to the most serious concern – I think kids who are taught water safety and have regular and varied experiences with water are more likely to know the physical properties and characteristics of water, and be less likely to be harmed by it. They will develop their own level of comfort and risk to keep them as safe as they know how. Is it 100%? Nothing ever is.

Walking the Plank

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