Coming Soon to Chicago Children’s Museum

A new interactive exhibit opens in the Chicago Children’s Museum on June 1, 2014: Danger 101: Daring Deeds for Curious Kids

According to the press release, “Using Tulley’s book, 50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do, the museum identified a few favorites and let those serve as the inspiration for this new experience. These included: swinging on a rope swing, playing with a vacuum cleaner and deconstructing an appliance, to name a few.”

Other activities sound like they might have been inspired by Tinkering School San Francisco‘s afterschool programming, such as “Dangerous Done Well” (which was inspired by 50 Dangerous Things but expanded it to include knife throwing!), and Tinkering School Chicago (whose director, Dustin Thacker, helped put the exhibit together).

So if you’re in Chicago, head over to Navy Pier and check out the Chicago Children’s Museum and Danger 101. Or maybe you can spend a week at Tinkering School Chicago.

And if you’re in San Francisco, get a different taste of danger with Tinkering School San Francisco.

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