Gever’s at Tinkering School

While Gever’s away at Tinkering School, I have the honor this week of being Guest Blogger #1. My name is Deb Nies, and I am a freelance writer and the mom of a tween daughter named Hannah.

I regularly write two columns for the Madison (WI) edition of under the titles of Parenting Tweens Examiner and Hidden Adventure Examiner.

I am a recovering helicopter parent, set free through Gever’s TED talk which led to my acquisition of his book, “50 Dangerous Things.” Hannah and I are currently plowing through the 50, and making up new dangerous things to do as we take the proverbial road less traveled.

If you asked Hannah’s opinion, she’d probably say, “My mom has learned to lighten up a bit.”

I look forward to living on the (dangerous) edge with the readers of this blog, Fifty Dangerous Things. Please let me know what you’re doing to laugh in the face of danger.

Take a look at some of our adventures:

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