Maker Faire and Japanese 50DT

Gever and Julie will be at Maker Faire this weekend (May 21-22) at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. We’ll be doing some Dangerous Things and signing books. The Faire is super-fun, so you should definitely come. And we’d love for you to stop by! We’ll be right outside the entrance to Maker Shed (where, of course, they will have books on sale :-)

More info on Maker Faire

If you’re in Japan, you’ll soon be able to buy 子どもが体験するべき50の危険なこと (otherwise known as 50 Dangerous Things – in Japanese!). O’Reilly Japan has translated our book and it goes on sale next week.

Buy 子どもが体験するべき50の危険なことhere

Japanese 50 Dangerous Things

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