The Playground is Dangerous … Beware!

I saw this item this morning in the local paper and thought it worthy of discussion in this forum. Who thinks swings have become too dangerous for kids? What’s going on here?

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  1. Ann says:

    When I was in grade 3 in the early 90s, I asked my favorite teacher why there were no swings or seesaws in our school playground. She said it was because kids were spinning around on swings and getting their fingers pinched in the chains, and the see saws were just… dangerous. I said, “but they’re fun!” and she agreed with a sad look on her face. they took away my favorite metal jungle gym by the end of grade 4. I was heartbroken.

    Its hard to hurt yourself on a swing unless you’re doing something really stupid. Kids old enough to use a swing on their own usually know what “doing something stupid” means. You get kicked in the face once, you never walk in front of a swinger again.

    A lawsuit over that is ridiculous, the parents just want to make some extra cash. Its the lawsuits for that kind of thing that needs to be examined more closely, IMO. The kid willfully flew off like superman because he thought it would be fun. The swing set is not responsible for the misuse of itself. The school should not owe the parents anything because their kid spontaneously had a lapse in judgment. Teachers are watching all the kids, not just yours. It’s called an ACCIDENT. I’m sure all involved were horrified and the kids who saw the incident will remember that next time they think of jumping from a height. The teachers might have even warned the kids not to do dangerous things, but you know how some tend to not believe until it happens to them. Rant over.

  2. Nicolas says:

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