The Roof is Interesting

Topic #19 – Stand on the Roof

Up on the Roof

I think Kevin is on to something when he says “I had fun knowing they were learning science.” Doing something adventurous creates a context where kids experience a heightened awareness, and the memories they form during the adventure are longer-lasting and more vivid than memories of daily rituals. Perhaps this is one way that we lay the foundations of an inquisitive life.

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6 Responses to The Roof is Interesting

  1. Seth says:

    My dad brought us on the roof as kids. And it was about learning- specifically learning that the gutters needed to be cleaned, and it was our job to do it.

  2. Patty Nielsen says:

    “He’s up on the roof again.” As the mother of two boys with an easy-access roof, when the going gets tough the tough go up. What a great place to cool off from a fight with your brother, mother or father! Besides, when the wind-up airplane ends up on the roof, you’ve got to get it down!

  3. zuch says:

    I live in a four-storey building with a heavily sloping roof :-) I guess I’ll have to look around for something else, for which I will not be chasing the prosecutor :-)))

  4. Leslie says:

    Looks like they were having fun! A little dangerous though, right! But that’s the name of the game. Glad to see your kids enjoyed the experiment.

  5. JOJOJOJOJO says:

    I loved my experience on the roof. I had the opportunity because we are getting a two-floor addition onto our house, and the window panes aren’t in yet. I could just climb down from the second-floor window to the first-floor roof. I’ll miss those experiences when the window gets closed up.

  6. Alice says:

    The most beautiful place to imagine various kinds of dreams!

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