Live ROV feeds, anyone?

UPDATE: The link here is no longer active, unfortunately. Because of bandwidth cost (the video has to be uplinked from the surface vessel operating the ROV via satellite to a land-based system) and propriatary information, now that the Macondo well has been closed in, the live feeds were discontinued. If I can find some alternative links to good archival ROV footage, I’ll put a link up. A quick search of YouTube may turn up some ROV video, though.

Would you like to know what’s going on 5000 feet under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico? Click here and take a look at the live video feeds from the Remotely Operated Vehicles working around the BP Macondo-252 well site.

Couple notes about the feeds:

  1. There is no audio.
  2. Not every sub is in the water and “live” all the time. And some that are in the water are observing, taking instrumentation (off camera) feeds from various devices attached to the well or nearby, and don’t look like they’re doing much.
  3. If you click on a feed’s caption, it will open in another window. Click on the video image itself and it will go full-screen. I recommend the former rather than the latter as you get a degraded, pixelated image.
  4. If you watch closely, sometimes you can see wildlife. I saw a crab watching the ROV watch it a bit earlier today. The crab was probably very close to a foot across the shell.
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