Drive a Car

Take command of 5000 pounds of metal
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E M 01/30/2014

Shifting a manual transmission car is empowering and a great collaborative activity.

Alex 10/28/2013

Whenever we go to the local safari park my 3 (now 4) y/o drives. He's pretty good, and we've hardly crashed.

Roger 08/13/2013

After my parents divorced, my mom got a cool boyfriend who would let me drive to the beach and back on sunday mornings, about 3 miles each way. I think I was about 6 years old at the time. He started

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

Me and my brother Justin did this one, we got in quite a bit of toruble...

Jason 03/19/2012

I recently allowed my son to sit on my lap and "drive" while on a camping trip. We were going no faster than 5 miles per hour through the campground. Well we passed the park ranger who quickly yelle

JD 03/04/2012

At 13 my crazy uncle stopped his '67 Mustang convertible, got out and walked around the car and said "You drive". We spent all day joy riding. At 10 I regularly cranked up our old '60 3-on-the-floor

Madhu 11/25/2011

I had driven my dads car and hit it against our own compound... We have water tanks at roof top. I had climbed to the water tank myself. I have played with Soldering device... Got blisters!

ARGO_MIKE 06/24/2011

we were an a road trip out to banff, my parents, 3 of us brats,aged 13, 12, and 10 and a 1969 dodge and a apache camper trailer.. the transmission went in the car just outside winnipeg. we camped in

Mori 05/07/2011

I drove the jeep with my uncle. I felt powerful, like a god. With 5 tons of metal you can go anywhere (except not in the water). I steered while my uncle worked the pedals. We drove at an empty campsi

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