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Take command of 5000 pounds of metal
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E M 01/30/2014

Shifting a manual transmission car is empowering and a great collaborative activity.

Alex 10/28/2013

Whenever we go to the local safari park my 3 (now 4) y/o drives. He's pretty good, and we've hardly crashed.

Roger 08/13/2013

After my parents divorced, my mom got a cool boyfriend who would let me drive to the beach and back on sunday mornings, about 3 miles each way. I think I was about 6 years old at the time. He started

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

Me and my brother Justin did this one, we got in quite a bit of toruble...

Jason 03/19/2012

I recently allowed my son to sit on my lap and "drive" while on a camping trip. We were going no faster than 5 miles per hour through the campground. Well we passed the park ranger who quickly yelle

JD 03/04/2012

At 13 my crazy uncle stopped his '67 Mustang convertible, got out and walked around the car and said "You drive". We spent all day joy riding. At 10 I regularly cranked up our old '60 3-on-the-floor

Madhu 11/25/2011

I had driven my dads car and hit it against our own compound... We have water tanks at roof top. I had climbed to the water tank myself. I have played with Soldering device... Got blisters!

ARGO_MIKE 06/24/2011

we were an a road trip out to banff, my parents, 3 of us brats,aged 13, 12, and 10 and a 1969 dodge and a apache camper trailer.. the transmission went in the car just outside winnipeg. we camped in

Mori 05/07/2011

I drove the jeep with my uncle. I felt powerful, like a god. With 5 tons of metal you can go anywhere (except not in the water). I steered while my uncle worked the pedals. We drove at an empty campsi

5 Responses to Drive a Car

  1. Hank says:

    Yeah I was able to drive my Dad’s van. It was hardly dangerous though as we were in an empty car park and I was on his lap

  2. Jeremy Sale says:

    I hate to be a downer, because my kids and I love this book, but… if the airbag went off while your kid was on your lap, would that not ruin your day in a very big way?

    • julie says:

      While we completely agree that an airbag going off with a kid in the front seat (much less your lap) would be bad – very bad – life is full of risks and we all do our best to minimize them. The chances of an airbag deployment when driving at slow speed with adult supervision in a controlled environment is pretty small, and the joy and empowerment for a kid driving a car is huge. We think the trade-off is worth it.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I did this with my father in the far northern reaches of Northern Wisconsin in the early 90s at about 10 with both a mid 80s van and an early 70s truck with a plow attached. My dad worked the pedals and we never went particularly fast, but I was allowed to steer the parking lot and some of the rough dirt roads in the woods.

  4. tamsin says:

    My grandfather used to let me sit in the front passenger seat and change gear for him (whilst driving on the actual road!) from the age or around 7. He also let me steer the car sitting on his lap (in an empty car park) So by the time I took my test the whole thing felt very easy and I passed first time
    This summer I taught my son to drive (he is 15, the driving age here in UK is 17) around a field. I also let my nice and nephew (ages 5 & 6) sit on my lap and steer the car. I didn’t help them at all and they very quickly got the measure of it. Happy memories!

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