Boil Water in a Paper Cup

The intersection of incompatible elements
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Brennon 09/10/2013

i did this it wasnt with a paper cup though it wasw with a gatorade bottle over a camp fire.

Bridget 01/20/2013

This was a jaw-dropping experience at Coyote Tracks in NJ, run by Tom Brown Jr and the Children of the Earth Foundation. My 8-year-daughter Sam and I had an entire week of amazing outdoor adventures,

Richard Hauser 08/06/2012

Boiling water in a paper cup was a right of passage when I was a Scout. The funny part was someone would always want to do it with a Styrofoam cup, which doesn't work so well.

Jackson B. 07/02/2012

There was no fire, but the cup totally melted and was hard to ge toff the stove.

Mary Beth 05/09/2011

On a camping trip the little 5 year old pyromaniacs had to be closely supervised around the campfire. Mostly the adults didn't want sparks and smoke but someone got curious about burning a cup of wate

Gus 05/02/2011

Green rice in a paper bowl! In Gever and Julie's book they say you can boil water in a paper cup. But, can you cook rice in a paper bowl? We find out: http://flickr.com/gp/brocchini/j9U996 No

Connor & Brendan 05/01/2011

First experiment burned holes in the bottom. 8 oz compostible paper cup. Smallest gas burner. Tried with mesh and without on different sized burners. Mesh seemed not to work. Maybe a solid piece of me

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