What has Gever been up to (2012 edition)?

As some of you may have noticed, there hasn’t been much 50 Dangerous Things news in the past two years. That’s because Gever went and started a school. A “real” school! It’s kept him pretty busy – if you’d like to see what they’ve been up to over there, they have a wonderful blog (with daily updates!) and a great website with all the details: Brightworks

And of course Tinkering School still happens in the summer. (Plus there is a new Tinkering School San Francisco with afterschool, vacation, and summer workshops!)

Gever did manage to do one talk in 2012, at TEDxBratislava: Secrets of Engagement-based Learning

While there, Gever toured some schools in Slovakia, did workshops, and met with some of the Slovak Ministers of Parliament!

Gever was also Tinkerer in Residence at the Exploratorium, and did some projects with his pals at the Learning Studio (who started the Tinkering Studio!):
Strawberry Baskets
PVC Pipe

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