Checking the Tweets…

And now a few tweets from our fearless leader:

My little pal Bor and his dad were fooling around with a battery-powered flashlight and created this: #fun

Five years in a scanner-mounted ant-colony – life=art: #clever

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Great news for Fifty Dangerous Things!

Straight from the man himself’s Twitter feed:

@gever It’s official! @juliecracker and I have just signed a book deal with Penguin/NAL (for #50DT) – woo hoo! Thanks Jeff! (our agent)

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Odds and Ends

Mmm, popcorn in milk.

It’s about the end of my guest run here, and it’s time to wrap things up for the next guest correspondent.

I’ve been following the fun over at Tinkering School through the daily blog. How …

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New Adventures, New Contributors

It’s the time of year when Tinkering School takes over my life completely. Keep an eye on our blog, we’ll be doing daily updates of the projects we’re working on, starting Monday.

Isaac and takes the hang glider

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Some Thoughts on #28 – Climb a Tree

Lately, I’ve come across a lot of discussions regarding kids climbing trees and whether or not parents should let them do it. People seem to fall into one of two camps when it comes to tree-climbing: Go For It, …

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Incremental Improvement on

We thought we’d have this puppy coded up and deployed back in January, but life got a little bit crazy in the intervening months…

This is really just the beginning of the new Fifty Dangerous Things, but I know …

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