Goodbye New York, Hello Bloomington

We had a wonderful time in New York this week.

Gever spoke at TEDxEast (Tinker, Noodle, Obsess) and we met lots of interesting people. His talk should be posted at some point – we’ll update the Press page with …

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We’re Coming to New York

Gever and Julie will be in New York May 8-13, 2011. Gever will be speaking at TEDxEast and also live on PIX-11.
We’ll both be at Barnes & Noble for a booksigning. More information is available on the Events

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Welcome to our New Site!

In honor of the re-release of 50 Dangerous Things, we have launched a new version of the website. Not only have we added the ability to Share Your Story, we also have a newForum for sharing ideas …

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Tune in to PIX-11 in NYC

Gever will be doing some dangerous things LIVE on PIX Morning News (WPIX-TV) at 8:20am ET on Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

For more information: PIX-11 Morning News

If you missed it, here’s the video:

WPIX-11: Gever Shares Dangerous Things

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Countdown to Launch!

The new edition of Fifty Dangerous Things will be launched by NAL/Penguin on May 3, 2011! That means it should be available at your favorite booksellers (both online and in the stores).

Also, we will be launching an updated …

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Last Chance

It’s not too late to get the original edition of Fifty Dangerous Things (you should let your children do). still has books in stock for immediate delivery. Remember these will soon be a collector’s item!

And while …

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You know you’re an extreme parent when…

Had to pop in with this one. There’s an interesting article on today about “Extreme Parents”, which are sort of the larval form of the helicopter parents we’ve all heard about. Some of the stories are too crazy …

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Tools for Kids

People are always asking us what tools we recommend for kids. The short answer is that we recommend real tools, and the ones you have are the best ones to teach them to use. But not everyone has a …

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New York Times: Playing with Fire

Lawrence Downes, October 2, 2010 – In his Editorial, Mr. Downes calls Fifty Dangerous Things “a rebuke to a world of blunt-edged scissors, insipid molded-plastic playground equipment and perpetual parental anxiety.”

New York Times: Playing with Fire

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Live ROV feeds, anyone?

UPDATE: The link here is no longer active, unfortunately. Because of bandwidth cost (the video has to be uplinked from the surface vessel operating the ROV via satellite to a land-based system) and propriatary information, now that the Macondo …

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