Tools for Kids

People are always asking us what tools we recommend for kids. The short answer is that we recommend real tools, and the ones you have are the best ones to teach them to use. But not everyone has a set of tools these days, or you might not want kids using your favorite screwdriver to make holes in the sidewalk (we aren’t suggesting that they should, but these things happen sometimes), so, in the spirit of the season, we proudly present our official 2010 shopping guide for kids. We’ve these tools with kids ages 8 and up, but you know your child better than we do, so use your best judgement.

Tinkerer’s Toolbox (on Amazon)

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2 Responses to Tools for Kids

  1. Natalie V2 says:

    Great list! The right tool for the job has always been a key to success, so I am in complete agreement about making them available to anyone embarking on a project. I have seen some tools *made for children* and the scary things is they are only smaller, but so poorly made that effectively they are more dangerous than *real* tools. The natural capacity for children to learn skills should not be wasted with easy bake ovens and flimsy tools… get real! The best tool? You… the adult, parent, mentor… someone patient, ready to spend time, willing to teach.

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