Maker Faire and Japanese 50DT

Gever and Julie will be at Maker Faire this weekend (May 21-22) at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. We’ll be doing some Dangerous Things and signing books. The Faire is super-fun, so you should definitely come. And we’d love …

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Goodbye New York, Hello Bloomington

We had a wonderful time in New York this week.

Gever spoke at TEDxEast (Tinker, Noodle, Obsess) and we met lots of interesting people. His talk should be posted at some point – we’ll update the Press page with …

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We’re Coming to New York

Gever and Julie will be in New York May 8-13, 2011. Gever will be speaking at TEDxEast and also live on PIX-11.
We’ll both be at Barnes & Noble for a booksigning. More information is available on the Events

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Welcome to our New Site!

In honor of the re-release of 50 Dangerous Things, we have launched a new version of the website. Not only have we added the ability to Share Your Story, we also have a newForum for sharing ideas …

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What Autumn Leaves Are For

Topic #28, Climb a Tree, suggests that the proper way to get out of a tree is to climb down – but there’s a lot to be said for this approach:

“That’s not safe! How do they know there …

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#48 – Explode a Bottle in the Freezer

In the category of “finding the silver lining”, our pal (and recent guest contributer), Deb Nies turned her freezer disaster into a laboratory for scientific exploration.
Kitchen Adventure

Following the inadvertent bottle break, we hypothesized why the bottle broke where it

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The Roof is Interesting

Topic #19 – Stand on the Roof

Up on the Roof

I think Kevin is on to something when he says “I had fun knowing they were learning science.” Doing something adventurous creates a context where kids experience a heightened awareness, and the …

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A Space to Tinker, A Place to Think

Aiden has a new workshop:

For a child to have a place where they can go and tinker with things on their own, well, it’s a rare thing these days. Working away, responsibly and quietly by yourself, for hours …

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The Playground is Dangerous … Beware!

I saw this item this morning in the local paper and thought it worthy of discussion in this forum. Who thinks swings have become too dangerous for kids? What’s going on here?

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Thoughts on Creative Play for Grown-Ups

“Tinkering School is a place where kids can pick up sticks and hammers and other dangerous objects and be trusted. Trusted not to hurt themselves. And trusted not to hurt others.” – Gever Tulley

What Gever and Julie have …

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